I am Sister Melanie, a professional nurse, midwife and certified lactation consultant.  I provide a wide range of services including antenatal and postnatal breastfeeding consultations.  As a healthcare professional I educate parents on all aspects of their newborn’s life.

I Offer The Following Services


Breastfeeding/Lactation Consultations

Hospital, Clinic & Home Visits.


Development Assessment

Assess & Ensure that your baby’s milestones are on track.


Breast Pump Sales & Servicing

Medela Breast Pump Sales, Servicing & Spare Parts.


Women's Health

Pap smear and Breast Examination.



All Scheduled Immunizations.


Infant Weighing & Measurement

Ensure your baby is growing at optimal rate.


Basic Health Assessment

Blood glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure, weight & height measurements.

My Mission Is To Ensure That Your Newborn Receive The Best Possible Head Start In Life

Other Services

Hospital Grade Breast Pump Rentals

Contact: Santie Schwiebus from Billirobyn

Home Phototherapy

Contact: Santie Schwiebus from Billirobyn

Your Newborn Needs The Best Care Possible To Ensure a Healthy Life

Although all births are important and beautiful, some require more time and expertise than others.  I have dealt with a number of specialist cases and since every case is unique I use my gentle and carefull approach to provide the best possible solutions.

As a registered member of the Board of Healthcare Funders of South Africa, all consultations can be claimed from medical aid if funds are available.